Live Edge Tamarind Wood Side Table

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Dimensions: 14" Depth X 13" Width X 18" Height

Carved out from a reclaimed tamarind tree, this side table celebrates the best of live edge furniture. The unique piece shows the wavy and interlocked wood grain and the natural irregularities in the shape of the old tamarind wood has been preserved. This piece is one of a kind.

Dimensions:  14" x 13" x 18"H
Weight: 75 LBS
Origin: Java Island, Indonesia
Use as: Side table, Piller, Stool
Material: Tamarind is a tropical wood which is hard, durable and highly resistant to insect attack. It has distinct yellow sapwood and reddish-brown heartwood present in the wavy and sharply demarcated pattern. Tamarind wood is difficult to work with and the hardwood blunts most implements. 
Care: Dust frequently with a soft cloth. If required wipe with a moist cloth.

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