About Aire

Aire is a collection of furniture with a deep to connection to Asia and manufactured in Los Angeles. From cast aluminum tables to petrified wood, teak root sculptures, and scorched case pieces, Aire is truly a collection from a journey.  Due to the nature of the raw materials in our collection, no one piece is alike.  Our furniture embodies various construction techniques from regions spanning Indonesia to Japan.

We focus on truly rare, natural beauty that can be found all over the world.  Our petrified wood pieces mainly come from Indonesia, where the volcanos have covered entire islands in ash throughout the long history of our planet.  When a tree is preserved during a volcanic eruption, it slowly decays and is rebuilt as mineral growth.  Our pieces are generally made over 50-100 million years.

We find exceptional wood pieces from all over the world, from Brazil to Indonesia.  We see raw pieces and decide exactly how to cut and shape them to accentuate their own natural beauty.