Teak Root & Resin Inlay

Resin is a sticky organic substance exuded by trees, but it can also be synthetically created. When super-heated, it acquires a beautiful milky color, mottled with amazing patterns. It makes a stunning contrast to teak and burnt wood. Teak and Resin tables and stools will be the pièce de résistance of any setting.

Aire brings you furniture of teak wood infused with glossy resin in unique contrasts of black, white and mineral colors. This art-like reclaimed wood and resin inlay furniture is hand-crafted from teak root, kiln-dried, and filled in with clear or colored resin.These wood pieces are sourced from the tropical forests of Indonesia and Bali Islands and fashioned into side tables, stools, consoles, coffee tables, dining tables to maintain its organic shape. Available with glossy, smooth polish over the resin infused into the natural, organic splits and splinters of wood. Custom Order Available.