Petrified Wood Slice Cheese Tray

Roost Petrified Wood Cheese Tray
Roost Petrified Wood Cheese Tray
Roost Petrified Wood Cheese Tray
Roost Petrified Wood Cheese Tray

Petrified Wood Slice Cheese Tray


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About Petrified Wood Slice Cheese Tray

Slices of fossilized trees make up these unique mineral trays.

Rock hard and polished for serving and display, the trays reveal preserved wood grain in mixed and solid colors ranging from tan to black. Dimensions are approximate and shapes may vary from oval to round. Only the small size tray 7-9" dia is available.

  • Product Description

    • Small Dimensions: Approx. 7-9" Dia x ½-¾" H

    • Large Dimensions: Approx. 8-12" Dia x ½-¾" H

    • SKU: AST381, AST382

    • Brand: Aire

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About Petrified Wood

Petrified wood literally means " wood turned into stone" . Fossilised wood is created by nature when trees are completely buried under mud sediments or volcanic ash for millions of years and the organic matter petrifies into extremely hard stone or quartz crystals. The original structure of the wood in all its detail, including tree rings, grains, crevices, cracks, gaps, knots and cells is preserved in the petrified wood. The quartz/stone takes on color from the various minerals present in the mud like black from carbon, green and blue from cobalt, chromium and red from copper.

Petrified wood is extremely rare and is found only in few places in the world. Every piece of wood is harvested safely from protected petrified forests. No two pieces of petrified wood, even from the same tree, can be identical. The appearance of the petrified wood depends on the minerals found in the particular forest.

At Aire, we source petrified wood from the pristine tropical jungles of Java and Indonesia, from the forests of Ecuador and Brazil and green dense forests of Canada. The petrified wood is obtained in blocks and slabs and attempt is made to keep it in its natural state as far as possible.


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