Live-Edge Acacia Dining Table Base

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The incredible live-edge dining table base is made from old-growth Acacia wood. The central pillar is the trunk burl from which branches radiate out. This striking, contemporary and eco-friendly dining table base is a conversation piece and like all our furniture, one of a kind.

The height of the base is nearly 17 inches while the length is about 88 inches and width 72 inches. The glass top has to be separately purchased. A glass size of 96 inches by 80 inches is recommended. The original organic shape and structure of the wood have been maintained. The grains, knots, whorls, are clearly seen. This makes the dining table incredibly unique and beautiful.

This piece, like all of our pieces, is a completely unique piece of furniture.

  • Live-Edge Table Base with a smooth finish
  • Original Structure maintained
  • Glass not included
  • Antique Acacia wood harvested from tropical forests
  • One of a kind
SKU: LE1070
Dimensions:  88" Width: 72" Height 17"
Weight: 120 LBS approx.
Origin: Indonesia
Material: Acacia wood
Use as: As a dining table base, conference table base
Material: Acacia wood is a close-grained hardwood prized for its natural oils, strength, and durability. It looks very similar to teakwood. Acacia wood is very attractive because of its high sustainability, grows very fast and replaces the trees that are cut. Acacia wood is the perfect choice if you are looking for furniture that is heavy, strong and resistant to wear and tear. It is very low maintenance wood after the first wax polish on the finished piece. This item will not need any polish for a long time.
Uses: Perfect for a large size dining table to seat 8-10 people. It can also be used as a conference table. We recommend a glass size of 96"x80".
Care: Dust with a feather duster or a soft cloth. Spills normally do not stain and can be wiped with a dry or slightly moistened cloth.  Acacia is remarkably hardy but like all organic material decays faster when exposed to direct sunlight and rains for long periods of time. Exposure to chemicals is to be strictly avoided.

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