Isn't There Something Awesome About New Life in Reclaimed Furniture?

Is there anything more special than reclaimed furniture? There’s just something about it that’s truly beautiful. Here at Aire, we’re fond of the phrase “collections from a journey.” In fact, if you take a moment to consider it, that’s exactly what reclaimed furniture is because after all, hasn’t it been on some kind of journey of its own?

One of the best things about our reclaimed furniture is that it takes something that is no longer useful and turns it into a thing of beauty. Take our Metal Recycled Oil Drum Chest for example. What was once an ordinary oil drum destined for a life of transport is now a thing of beauty, a true statement piece that will adorn someone’s home perfectly for years to come. Not only does it give new life to an ordinary metal oil drum, but it creates a genuine statement piece. Reclaimed oil drum furniture is truly a thing of magnificence.

Our reclaimed metal furniture also comes in the form of chairs. Take this Metal Recycled Oil Drum Dining Chair for example. Beautiful, functional, and given new life thanks to a little love from Aire. And the best part of it all? You can give it a new life of its own in your home. Isn’t there just something that’s so incredible about being able to take a piece that started life as one thing, was transformed into another at Aire, and then will be transformed again when you make it a permanent piece of your home décor?