So where does my petrified wood table come from?

Most of the pieces you find at Aire Furniture began life as something else, whether it’s a piece of oil drum furniture or a teak root table. That’s why petrified wood fits right in, because it started as tree and is now stone. But would you like to know a bit more about where we get it?

So where does it comes from? - Petrified wood furniture comes from all over the world. But even that can be deceiving, because some pieces are so old that they were on Pangea, the single supercontinent that existed before tectonic plates shifted the continents into the world we know today. So now instead of just driving all over the world to pick it up (thanks a lot, continental drift!), we fly all over the world to find the most prime pieces for you home.

So when does it come from? - Petrified wood comes from wood that was in a very specific environment for a very long time. It can take millions of years, but then it can just sit there for hundreds of millions more. Trust us, it’s old, and any piece you get from us will become an heirloom.

So who’s land does it come from? - At Aire Furniture, we like to make sure to gather our petrified wood furniture pieces from legal sites with fair trade practices. It all comes from private land where it wouldn’t have been accessible to the public; ore people will see it in your home than where we found it! Bringing it into your home is a great way to see what nature can do with a few (dozen) million years, and to let others appreciate nature as well.

When you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture that will last many, many, many, many, many, many lifetimes, check out our petrified wood furniture today!