Teak Root and Resin Wood Side Table CR-2022

Teak Root and Resin Side Table CR-2022 by AIRE Furniture

Teak Root and Resin Wood Side Table CR-2022

by Aire Furniture

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SKU: CR-2022
Dimensions: Height: 18" (46cm)
Width: 10" (25cm)
Depth: 20" (50cm)
Weight: 40 LBS / 18.144 Kg
Present: Teak Root, Resin
Great for Use as: Side table, grouped as a coffee table

Similar items can be custom ordered from our Java Islands workshop with a short wait period of 3 months

* Please enquire for many similar options available on order

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About Vendor

Aire has the largest collection of petrified wood and resin infused teak wood furniture in the USA, sourced from Brazil to Indonesia. Nature’s Art, Our designs.

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About Teak Root and Resin

Teak wood slabs are available with its natural imperfections like cracks, whorls, knots, craters, gaps and crevices. The organic splits in these beautiful wood pieces are then infused with natural or synthetic resin in unique color contrasts of black, white, natural or mineral colors to turn into breathtakingly beautiful wood slabs. These slabs are then fashioned into dining tables, coffee tables, consoles, stools and side tables.

Teak root is sourced from teak root forests of Indonesia and Bali Islands. Attempt is made to maintain the organic shape of the roots as found in its natural state.

About Teak Root Furniture

Teak root is a good looking durable hardwood used in furniture. The root of the teak trees with their naturally occurring twists and intertwined spaces form interesting organic shapes to transform into striking pieces of furniture. Teak roots are salvaged and repurposed into a wide range of functional and decorative items depending on its knotted and gnarly shape and the imagination and creativity of the artisans. Teak root is highly resistant to rot, sun damage and water and can be used outdoors and indoor.


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