Petrified Wood Slab With Custom Made Base PF-1116 by Aire Furniture

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Petrified Wood Slabs

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Dimensions: 27" Depth X 23" Width X 2" Height

Rare dappled white & black petrified wood coffee table top/ slab, handcrafted from 20 million-year-old teakwood trees in Indonesia. This gorgeous petrified wood log slab is white towards the rim and black towards the center with glossy, smooth polish over the natural ochre and grey swirls of the base mineral in the fossil.

SKU: PF-1116
Dimensions: Height: 2"
Width: 23"
Depth: 27"
Weight: 75 LBS
Age: 40+ million years old
Origin: 2.2100°S, 113.9200°E
Minerals Present: Quartz, Iron Oxide, Carbon, Manganese
Great for Use as: Coffee Table, Side Table

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