Petrified Wood Block PF-3010

Petrified Wood Block PF-3010


Each piece is 20 million years in the making. Petrified woods are essentially trees that time has very slowly turned to stone. Hand-selected from around the globe, your fossil piece is unique in shape with the colors reflecting minerals present during the petrification process. This limited resource is harvested sustainably, preserved eternally, and sure to increase in value. Petrified tree stumps are great for use indoors or out as stools or side tables and especially when grouped into a giant coffee table.

This piece, like all of our pieces, is a completely unique piece of furniture. Our stock is constantly changing and if you contact us we can work on finding custom pieces that suit your specific needs.

Height: 18" Width: 14" Depth: 14"

 Weight: 282 lbs

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