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Living, Breathing Furniture

The collections you are about to see, are the consequence of a life-changing voyage to Asia. It was all about understanding the different wood patterns in the jungle, contemplating the artisan´s creative process in a hut and choosing colors inspired by wild flowers. A quest where the wind was the compass, and each place captivated our senses  with it’s unique essence and craftsmanship.  Now they are our source of inspiration. We visit them regularly, looking for new materials, new pieces and new ideas that will seduce us and help us update our collections. 

These handpicked design items are quite special, as they  have  stories to tell. They are charged with the energy of their origins and they will breathe and transpire it into your house, letting you feel their presence pulsating from within.

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Petrified Wood

Beautiful stools, benches and tables that showcase magical color streaks product of incredible mineral formations.



Burnt Wood

Charring wood gives it a unique texture and color without damaging the material. The result is unusual and quite stunning. 


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Root Furniture

Magnificent pieces of teak root transformed into furniture items; reminding us that nature is the finest artist around. 


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Resin and Teak Root

Quartz-liked resin contrasted against impacting wood pieces; an irresistible combination of natural and hand-made designs.



Want to know more?

Our furniture is hand-picked but also custom made.

If you´re interested in designing a special piece  that fits a special corner of your house, let us know and we´ll give you the best options for it.

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Much of our business is with the interior design trade.  

We have a trade program and pricing for designers, whether for a single piece used in a small project, or a whole selection designed just for you and your client.


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