Where are you located?

Aire is based out of Los Angeles, yet we're constantly on the move in search of new items to bring home. In 2015 we were in Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Nepal, Morocco, Japan, Peru, and Brazil on the hunt for new amazing pieces and design inspiration.

Do we have a showroom?

Currently we don't have a showroom.  This also allows us to stay on the move, constantly seeking out new materials to work with.  We keep our stock of inventory in our partner's warehouse in Los Angeles which works with many of the nation's top designers and interior decorators.  If you want to take a look feel free to contact us.

Is the petrified wood piece in the photos the one we will receive?

Yes!  We sell completely unique pieces and as each is sold it is gone from our site forever.  We pick and design pieces by traveling to our sources all over the world.  When they are ready they go on our website and when they sell they are removed.

Do we work with Interior Designers?

Of course!  Most of our business is done with designers and we're always looking for new talents and architectural firms to work with.  We offer trade pricing so please contact us for details.

Do we make the pieces?

Some pieces are made by us and some are made by a handful of skilled artisans from around the world whom we work closely with.   We love nothing more than to scour the planet for inspiration, finding new materials and artists at the top of their trade to work with.  We take great pride working only with the best.

How durable is Petrified Wood?

Petrified Wood can be treated like any other stone product.  The pieces are very durable and will last more than a lifetime if they're properly cared for.  You can clean and polish it just as you would any other stone and it can be used in the same places.  You can leave it outside in the rain or even use a log as a stool in the shower!

Does Aire follow sustainable practices?

We are very focused on sustainability and ecologically friendly practices!  One of our founders has a graduate degree in industrial ecology which makes it at the core of most of what we do.  Many of our products are recovered or reclaimed, from our woods to our metals.  We also actively seek out partners who feel the same way we do and check to make sure they're following through going forward.

How are the pieces shipped?

For pieces that we keep in stock, we ship both freight, which arrives packed into a custom crate made for each piece, and white-glove, which is carried into your home.  For our custom pieces, many of which come from abroad, we can bring your order in with one of our shipments or for a rush order we can have it brought directly you via air cargo.  We can accommodate most shipping requests, so feel free to ask!

What is your return policy?

You can read about our return policy here www.airefurniture.com/return-policy

Any other questions?  Please contact us!

Write us here or give us a call at 323-603-0541