How to Recycle What’s in Your Home with Reclaimed Furniture

Our reclaimed furniture always gets a lot of positive feedback. They’re statement pieces that are built to high standards that we know you’ll eventually pass on to your children. Eventually they’ll become family heirlooms. The fact that we recycle oil drums into beautiful, practical, and functional reclaimed furniture is something that we’re extremely proud of.

The fact that you’re shopping at Aire tells us a few things—namely that you care about where your furniture comes from and what your home looks like. Here are a few tips to get the most out of the space in your home.

·         Take advantage of the natural light your place gets. Everyone loves plenty of light shining in through their windows. If you don’t get much natural light, add floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, or candles to suit your style.

·         Bring in a few houseplants. In our opinion, nothing looks better than the contrast of a delicate, green succulent perched atop something more industrial like our recycled oil drum chest.

·         Keep things fresh. Simply rearranging what you’ve got in your home can help to keep you from feeling bored. Rearrange the furniture. Swap the art in the living room for what was in the bedroom. Take the blanket from the guest room and drape it over your sofa.

The simple fact that you’ve chosen to decorate your home with reclaimed furniture tells us that you like the idea of making something old new again. Applying that strategy to the rest of your home will have you enjoying it to its fullest. When it’s time to bring something new into the mix, check out our online shop for something you’re sure to love.