How You Could Use Petrified Wood Furniture in Your Home

Here at Aire, we’re not just interested in providing our customers with a beautiful piece of petrified wood furniture. It goes so much deeper than that. Our goal is to help you find the perfect piece for your home regardless of what you’re looking for. We know from experience that when one thing feels off in a room, it can throw the whole place into a weird sort of unspoken chaos. If you’re interested in designing a piece that can help to tie a room together, let us know.

Here are a few ideas on what type of petrified furniture you may need for your home:

Petrified Wood Tables: Regardless of what type of vibe you’re seeking to achieve in a dining room or kitchen, one of our petrified wood tables might be exactly the type of statement piece you’re looking for to bring everything together.

Petrified Wood Stool: If you don’t have the need for a larger piece, a petrified wood stool is a great option to give your space a little extra pizzazz. Whether you use it to hold a plant, as a nightstand, or have another idea, it makes a statement without taking up too much space.

Petrified Wood Coffee Table: The beautiful thing about a petrified wood coffee table is that it adds a subtle elegance to any living room. It enhances what’s already there without stealing the show from the rest of your living room’s design.

Petrified Wood Side Table: With a petrified wood side table from Aire, you get a piece that is both useful and understated. It adds to the sophistication and stylishness of your room while taking up a minimal amount of space.

Regardless of what type of petrified wood furniture your home needs, we have plenty of options that will suit your design needs. Drawn to modern and minimal designs with clean lines and neutral colors? Prefer to keep things a little more bohemian and play with bright and cherry colors? The beauty of petrified wood furniture is that it works well no matter what type of home design you prefer. The natural sophistication and class that are associated with petrified wood translate well into furniture. Unsure of what would look great in your house? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help you find the piece that fits perfectly into your house whether it’s a coffee table, a side table, or a stool.