What Colors to Pair with Your Petrified Wood Furniture

Choosing the right color for the room that houses your petrified wood furniture can be a big challenge. After all, you don’t want your 40 million year old petrified wood coffee table to look like it doesn’t belong in your living room. Aire to the rescue! We’ve put together a list of ideas that will look great in your living room, whether you want something to perfectly complement your petrified wood furniture or you’re seeking something to bring a bit of contrast into your living space.

·  Painting your wall a moody dark grey can really help to set the scene. Grey is a naturally dramatic color that works well whether you’ve got light or dark colored furniture. It also works great if there are wood floors, no matter their color. Grey walls will make your space feel more serious and grown up.

·  Pastels work great if you really want to play up the contrast. A seafoam green or shell pink brings light and airiness into your home, which can look really great if you’ve got a statement piece of petrified wood furniture.

·   A nice, dark navy blue can help to anchor your furniture. Conversely, choosing to use a bright yellow can be an unexpected look that allows your furniture and other décor to take a back seat.

·  Additionally, choosing to paint a single accent wall instead of an entire room can sometimes be the perfect middle ground; not only do you get to introduce a color that you like, but you also get to keep things a bit more traditional on your other three walls.

·         Don’t forget to mix up your textures. If your space has a lot of smooth textures with wood floors, glass side tables, and mirrors on the wall, adding in a textured rug or throw can make a huge difference in the way your space feels. Not only will it help to break up your aesthetic a little bit, but it will look great as well.

The most important thing is how your space feels to you, so at the end of the day, whatever works best for you is the choice you should make. If you like to relax, focus on making your place comfortable; if you like to get creative, your attention should be on making the space feel invigorating. Take a look at our online shop because there’s sure to be something that can be a standout in your home for years to come.