Our Cracking Resin Furniture Brings Couples Together

When two people move in together, figuring out how to combine their possessions into one cohesive and visually pleasing living space can be a real challenge. He’s got the unique furniture and she has the watercolor paintings. How is a couple to make it work?

Here on the Aire Furniture blog, we’ve got a couple of tips for you:

·         Pick a statement piece that also serves as a visual anchor. Our cracking resin furniture might be the perfect thing. Whether you opt for a cracking resin coffee table or a cracking resin side table, men and women alike often agree that they are beautiful!

·         Choose an accent color that you both appreciate. He might not be too interested in pastels and she may not love the thought of the accent color being black or grey. Find your common ground and build off of that!

·         Be willing to compromise. Isn’t it true that the homes that are the most fun to be in are the ones that utilize several different influences? When one person prefers midcentury modern and the other loves colorful boho, the space is interesting and unique.

Here at Aire, our goal is to create pieces that people see the natural beauty in. Our cracking resin furniture is the perfect addition to any home and looks great when paired with any décor. Let our furniture bridge the gap between you and your significant other (and add a bit of style in the process). Read all about us and place your order today!