The Use Of Color In Our Petrified Wood Tables and Root Furniture

One of the wonderful aspects about each piece of our reclaimed furniture is how color is used. And the really amazing thing about it is how it’s sometimes a conscious decision on our part while other times it’s nature that’s taken care of it for us.

The Minerals In Petrified Wood Furniture - As you might know, it’s the chemical elements that seeped into each cell of the petrified wood millions of years ago that give each piece its distinctive look. Carbon will create the color black, red comes from iron, orange from manganese, green and blue from chromium. We don’t get to choose what colors each piece has, but we do get to decide where to cut and how much to polish to bring out the wonders in it.

The Char of our Burnt Wood - Our burnt wood pieces are blackened with a special process that involves a blow torch. It’s a special kind of black that sometimes reflects and sometimes absorbs the light.

The Bleach of the Root Furniture - The bleaching of our teak root furniture and art allows us to find the roots with the perfect shape and speed up the fading process that they’d usually get from decades in the sun. The level of bleaching we’ve done changes by piece, and you can easily tell the difference just by looking.

The Colors in Our Oil Drum Furniture - One thing that makes our oil drum furniture so unique is the colored patterns on each piece. This comes from the special history of each drum, painted and repainted over the years as it crossed the globe.

Color is important as you find the perfect piece that will complete your room. We hope you enjoy the wonderful variety we can offer you here at AIRE.