The Importance of Shape In Our Live Edge and Root Furniture

Even if the pieces we offer on this site serve a practical purpose, such as being a table, stool, or chair, we always think of them as art first. And not just the work of the artist, but also the work of nature. Each piece is a collaboration between the artist and what nature has given them to work with.

Take our live edge furniture, for example. Each piece has been masterfully cut and shaped by the artist, but there’s no doubt that the original beauty of the natural wood shines through. And not just the color and grain of the wood, but also the actual shape of it. That’s what live edge is, after all...working with the wood to make the most out of the shape that it already has. The artist draws on what is already there in the wood to bring out the most useful, artistic shape possible.

There’s also our root furniture and art pieces. You can interpret them as you will, but the perfect lines created by the sculptor, whether they’re straight or curved, are a perfect contrast to the seemingly random twists and turns of the teak root. Is the artist hemming in nature, or is nature constantly defiant as it retains it’s true shape within the invisible cuts?

If art is important for you and a piece speaks out to you, do what you can to obtain it, because each is one-of-a-kind. While the artist might work on more pieces, nature will never make another quite like it. Find your favorite today and keep it for a lifetime.