Think You Can’t Afford Petrified Wood Furniture? Here’s The Reason To Grab It Now

We won’t deny that petrified wood furniture isn’t cheap, especially when you compare it something you can grab at a big box store. Still, as unique as each piece of petrified wood furniture is, and as much work as goes into it, it’s really a surprise it doesn’t cost more.

Many people think they can’t afford petrified wood furniture, but they forget that missing out on that perfect piece means that it’s gone forever. It doesn’t matter your income...if you see the piece of petrified wood furniture that you just have to own, go ahead and grab it, because once it’s gone, it’s gone! Need justification?

It Will Last Forever: Here’s the thing about a petrified wood’s going to last. And we’re not talking the kind of lasting that you’ll get out of a solid oak table, which might “only” last 5,000 years before it rots. We’re talking about a table that you can own that will outlast humanity. So if you buy it, you’re not going to have to replace it. How many other things you buy can say that?

It Will Be Your Centerpiece: When you walk into most people’s living rooms, they have boring chair #1, boring chair #2, boring couch, boring side table, and boring side table. And boring + boring + boring + boring + boring does not equal exciting! (it actually equals “boring.”) But when you grab a petrified wood table or petrified wood side table, it ensures that you’ll always have something incredible that people can focus on in the room.  It becomes that centerpiece that everything else can be built off of in the future.

We’re not suggesting you go without food just so you can get the best in petrified wood tables, but if you’re trying to decide between buying a handful of furniture from the local big box store or the perfect piece of petrified wood furniture that you’ll cherish the rest of your life, we’d suggest you start off right with the perfect piece and build from there. Find your favorite right here!