Looking for Some Modern Industrial Furniture? Check Out These Oil Drum Coffee Tables And Chairs


If you look around AIRE’s website, it becomes obvious pretty quickly: we’re not interested in mass-produced furniture. In fact, we’re not even interested in furniture that can be recreated. We’re interested in one-of-a-kind, you’ll-never-see-it-again-once-it’s-gone pieces of furniture.

This applies to our modern industrial furniture as much as it does to our petrified wood furniture. Each piece of our oil drum furniture is special and works well in so many decors. Why?

Each Is A Work of Art - Every oil drum coffee table, chair, chest, or stool we make started as a humble oil drum. Over the years it traveled the earth many times, being bought and sold, painted and repainted, filled and emptied. We’ve hand-hammered it flat, preserving its unique character and turning it into a focal piece for any room.

It’s Useful: Sure, it’s a piece of art and unique in every sense of the word, but it’s also useful! Our oil drum coffee tables are solidly built, so it’s art that you can use. Any of our furniture that can be used as a table is painted with a food-safe covering that protects you from its past while protecting it from any coffee rings you might leave behind.

It’s Stylish - We won’t lie...these look good! When it comes to modern industrial furniture, it’s hard to beat the look of these strange yet beautiful pieces.

It’s Recycled - We’ve intercepted these oil drums that were on their way out and made them into something amazing. And while saving one oil drum from the landfill isn’t going to save the world, it does make an excellent conversation starter so that you can share your love of and interest in recycling. If you’re not a fan of oil, what better way to say that you’ve moved past it than by using an oil barrel for a different purpose?

If you’re looking for a piece of modern industrial furniture that’s one-of-a-kind, you’ve found it here in our reclaimed furniture section. Check out our selection and grab your favorite before it’s gone!