How Each Piece Of Root Furniture Is A Work Of Art

If you’re on our site, you’re probably not one to go and pick up a small end table at Wal-mart (though, admittedly, that piece of furniture came from across the globe just like ours did! Ours just isn’t made of plywood or plastic). You’re probably here because you’re looking for something that’s truly unique. When you take a look at each piece we have at Aire, there are are few things to keep in mind.

Each piece is one of a kind: There’s something that cannot be emphasized enough when talking about our furniture, and that is that each and every piece is one of a kind. Whether it’s a piece of petrified wood that took millions of years to form or a piece of burnt wood furniture, there’s never going to be another like it. This is especially true of our root furniture, which were shaped by the forces of nature both below and above the earth.

Each piece is a partnership: We didn’t just walk out and find a root bundle that was perfectly suited to be a root table or a wall-hanging. It was carefully curated according to its potential, laboriously shaped into a piece of art, and treated to prevent decay. Each piece is a partnership between the nature that formed it and the artist who sculpts it.

When it comes to tree root furniture and art, there’s nothing like a piece from Aire. We’ve worked with nature to create beautiful pieces for you home or office. Don’t let these one of a kind pieces get away!