Why Petrified Wood Tables And Tree Root Furniture Are Ancient And Modern At The Same Time


When you deal with such unique pieces every day like petrified wood side tables or root tables, you start to think about their history. While each piece is “old,” you can’t help but recognize the millions of years between the two pieces that are now sitting right next to each other in our shop. So how are they related?.

People have always used wood - Let’s take a look at what tables have been made out of during the time of man. After flat stones, wood would have been the first thing that tables were made from. With our reclaimed” furniture, we’ve taken parts of the wood that have in the past been ignored, because they’ve traditionally been impossible to work with. Speaking of which...

It existed for so long, but it couldn’t have looked like that until a century ago - Think about this: you’ve never seen a petrified wood table in European castles, or Middle-eastern mosques, or a temple of China. That’s because, until a hundred years ago, all petrified wood was in odd shapes...there were no saws fast enough or strong enough to cut the petrified wood. Now that we have electric saws with diamond tips that can run at thousands of RPMs, we can reveal parts of the wood that never would have been possible before.

At Aire, we specialize in finding the beauty that couldn’t have existed without modern tools and bringing them all together for you enjoyment. Check out our amazing petrified wood furniture and tree root tables and take a walk into the past.