Why Is There Such Variety In Petrified Wood Furniture?

One thing we’re often asked about the petrified wood furniture is: why is there such amazing variety in it? Well, it takes many steps to find just the right piece that will make great petrified wood furniture for you home.

The kind of tree it used to be - How many thousands of varieties of tree are there today? Then step back in time millions of years and think of the millions of varieties that might have come and gone. Sometimes the petrified wood furniture we sell can be traced back to the ancestors of modern trees, sometimes it’s a species that will never be seen again.

The shape - The shape and size of a piece is first determined by the shape of the wood. Larger pieces can be made into full tables or benches. Others become petrified wood stools. And it all started with a tree that grew in it’s own way so long ago.

The minerals - Perhaps the most important aspect that determines the beauty of petrified wood is what minerals replaced the living tree cells. You’ve heard of cobalt blue? Cobalt is one of the metals that creates the blue you see in our petrified wood furniture. Iron creates red hues, while carbon makes petrified wood black. Manganese can actually make stone pink or orange. It’s an amazing process that requires very specific (and rare) conditions that occurred millions of years ago.

So why is there such an amazing variety in petrified wood furniture? The short answer is...remember, this was once alive! It’s as unique as any tree you’ll see, with its own rings and bark. And now it’s ready for you home.