What Petrified Wood Furniture Says About You


We’ll be honest...petrified food furniture isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a petrified wood table or stool then you know your style and probably already know exactly where it’s going to go in your home. But what else might it say about you?

Something with history - Having a piece of petrified wood furniture in your home is like looking millions of years into the past. Every time you see it you can wonder about where it grew...did a dinosaur eat its leaves? Did that mark in the wood come from stegosaurus rubbing up against it? How many millions of years did it spend buried under the ground, just waiting for a craftsman to come along and polish it?

Something sturdy - Some pieces of furniture are meant to be disposable...they’re the kinds that you buy at the local big box store because you’re not going to keep it forever. This is the kind of furniture that you don’t necessarily mind getting chipped and dented because you already know that you’ll be replacing it in a few year anyway.

When it comes to petrified wood furniture, you won’t be replacing it any time soon. You might have to buy more when you get the itch, but you won’t have to replace it.

Something with a future - These pieces have lasted hundreds of millions of years...chances are it will last a few more! It’s not just sturdy, it a beautiful piece of stone with a living history. Pieces of petrified wood furniture are the ultimate heirloom piece...ut if  you don’t plan on passing it along, use it as a tombstone!

If petrified wood furniture is for you, start shopping today!