Petrified Wood Furniture: A Natural Beauty For Your Home

Petrified wood furniture, made from trees that have fossilized to stone, is currently intriguing those who are interested in interior design but yearn for something more from their contemporary furniture. Petrified Forests’ petrified wood pieces add natural beauty to interior design minus the kitsch of other log furniture when you’re looking for that rustic look. With "the visual characteristics of wood but the feel of stone," Petrified Forests’ pieces are stunning multi-use pieces.

Petrified Forests is one of the few sources for legally harvested petrified wood. Our products are individually selected from local suppliers and bought at fair-trade prices. We offer all our designer furniture pieces with a complete satisfaction guarantee and promise each is distinctive and made from the highest-quality materials and workmanship. Created by nature and hand finished by man, each and every piece is absolutely unique and completely natural - a compelling fusion of nature and contemporary interior design. These priceless treasures will be cherished by many generations to come.  

Each piece is 20 million years in the making and gives you a souvenir of life on earth, which is a pretty untoppable possession for the home. Hand-selected from around the globe, your fossil piece is unique in shape with the colors reflecting minerals present during the petrification process. This limited resource is harvested sustainably, preserved eternally, and sure to increase in value. Petrified tree stumps are great for use indoors or out as stools or side tables and especially when grouped into a giant coffee table.