A Souvenir Of Life On Earth: Petrified Wood Furniture

One of the latest excitements in the wood furniture world isn’t exotic veneers, rare planks, or reclaimed timbers. Petrified wood furniture, made from trees that have fossilized to stone, is currently intriguing those who are interested in interior design but yearn for something more from their contemporary furniture. In contrast to freeform tabletops, massive upended split logs, or to the raw, aged or weathered furniture trends, petrified wood is as much mineral as matchstick. 

So, what’s the appeal? Most people find the appeal of both wood and stone to be especially aesthetically pleasing. The warmth and grain of the wood, the depth and veining of the stone - It’s hard not to become entranced by the intricacy of each unique piece. When it is cut and polished the edges are petrified bark, but the actual surface has a gemlike quality.

Our petrified wood furniture boasts very attractive stone, with a resemblance to marble or to polished horn, and in the same decorator colors: chocolate black, provençal ochre, pearl gray, fawn beige. The petrified wood, whether dug up or scavenged, is cut into slabs with diamond-cutting blades.

What’s even more exciting about our petrified wood furniture is its age. How old is it exactly? Attributions to the Jurassic and Triassic periods are readily thrown around, in the way dealers discussing French furniture talk about the 17th and 18th centuries. This makes petrified wood furniture basically a souvenir of life on earth, which is a pretty untoppable possession for the home.