Just How Is Petrified Wood Furniture Cut And Polished?

Can you imagine what people must have thought the first time they saw petrified wood? “Well it sure looks like a tree...has bark and everything. But it’s heavy as stone and doesn’t burn!” Pieces like petrified wood no doubt led to further belief in wizards and medusa-like creatures who could turn organic material into stone.

Whoever first found petrified wood certainly couldn’t cut it, as the saws needed to cut petrified wood were only recently invented, as were the steps to polish it and make it look as good as the stuff we have here at AIRE. Just take a look at this 61-inch wide piece and imagine how large the original piece had to be in order to make it!   


So you might be curious just exactly how a piece gets from its origin and becomes your petrified wood table. Here are the basics of its journey. (While we use our own proprietary methods to cut and polish the wood, this give you a good idea of the basics of how it can be done.)

Find the petrified wood: As we’ve mentioned before, we scour the world in order to find you the best possible pieces to make into petrified wood stools and coffee tables. We’re proud of the fact that we’re acquiring each piece legally and supporting local economies at the same time. We’re also buying it from private land where it would not have been on view to the public.

Pick the right piece: There’s not much petrified wood out there, and most of it is in sizes ranging from pencils to dust. As we’ve mentioned before, very little petrified wood is good enough to turn into furniture. So you have a fraction of a fraction of material that is large enough to turn into petrified wood furniture. Only large pieces can be turned into petrified wood furniture, and many of those aren’t useable because they are too cracked and likely to shatter when cut. After we find the perfect piece, we cut it.

Cut: As we said, cutting petrified wood is a new ability for humanity. The blades are the first thing that had to be invented, as cutters use trim saws with diamond-coated blades. This blade must be constantly cooled with water to avoid sparks and to prevent the blade from melting. Think of the size of the blade needed for that petrified wood slab mentioned above! In addition to the saw blades, motors that could get high-enough revolutions-per-minute also had to be invented.

Polish: Again, we’re dealing with solid rock, so the best way to polish it is to once again use the hardest material out there, diamond. This time the diamond particles are on a grinding wheel, and once again water is used to cool everything down. We start with a rougher diamond grit shape it, then get finer and finer to polish it to the shine that you see in the pictures.

We think it’s pretty obvious...working with petrified wood isn’t easy! But when you see the finished products, we hope you’ll think it’s worth it. Check out our amazing selection right here!: