3 Types of Petrified Wood Furniture You Need Right Now

We’ve explained in depth why petrified wood furniture is so special, from it’s one-of-a-kind uniqueness to the way it can help you look deep into the past. So the next question is, what pieces do you need and how can they be used?

Petrified Wood Stool - Petrified wood stools can go just about anywhere. Some people put them in showers as a shower stool. You’ll probably be able to find one here that will complement whatever tile work you have in your shower. Other’s put them in the living room as an extra seat or as a small table. Why not use it as a footrest? Petrified wood stools are certainly the most versatile of all our petrified wood furniture.

Petrified Wood Side Table - One great thing about petrified wood furniture is how durable it is. These pieces can go outside or inside and will fit many different decors. Use them as a standard side table, or use them for display. Imagine a trio of your favorite art pieces displayed on this set of three petrified wood side tables.

Petrified Wood Coffee Tables - You won’t need a coaster with these coffee tables! These petrified wood tables can fit effortlessly into your decor or be the centerpiece of your living room. Each is so beautiful that you’ll never cover them up with magazines!


If you’ve been searching for that unique piece of furniture with a lot of history (and we mean a lot of history), you’ve found it here at AIRE. Don’t delay, because these pieces can never be replicated. Order today!