How Root Furniture Petrified Wood Furniture Speak To Our Human Nature

It doesn't matter whether you believe in the creation of the world by a higher being, or if you’re an evolutionist...either way, humanity started outdoors.


While many of us live in concrete jungles and don’t get “back to nature” nearly as much as we’d like, we still have an urge for the outdoors. Sometimes it’s as simple as a walk to the city park. Other times it means having plants in our house or apartment, while some of us keep pets in order to bring a bit of nature inside.

Here at AIRE we offer quite a few ways to reconnect. The connection between our interest in the outdoors and our root furniture and petrified wood tables is pretty apparent.

To the recent past: Root Furniture: Root furniture certainly isn’t petrified, but it is an excellent way to bring the randomness of nature into your home. Whether it’s a root table or amazing piece of art, you’ll never stop thinking about what it must have looked when it was alive, before it was found and became a piece of reclaimed furniture.

To the far past: Petrified wood: Petrified wood reminds us of a time that far predates our current experience on this earth. It’s a piece of nature, yes, but it’s changed so much that it’s something else entirely. It’s nature in both wood and stone, past and present.

Each one-of-a-kind piece could never be replicated by either man of nature. Find the perfect piece for you here at AIRE.